Saturday, 06 January 2018 15:47

Expansion Update: New Horizons

On the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Brother Thomas Augustine signed the deed for the transfer of Evans Farm to the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Thanks to your support “The Valley” is now part of Saint Benedict Center!

expansionjan2018With Christmas looming on the horizon, the Sisters volunteered to “fix up” the interior of “Bud’s house,” (which we unofficially named “Cristo Rey”) so it could be used by the Brothers for their Christmas gatherings.

A team of Sisters descended like a hive of bees, for the next week and a half, scrubbing, painting, polishing and deep cleaning. New hardware was even put on the painted cabinets in the kitchen, blinds for the windows and food in the fridge.

Of course time only allowed for the first floor to be renovated for December 25th, but it looked ready to move in. We brought down used bookcases from the convent and furnishings donated by a friend in California. It looked cozy, yet monastic, with an alpine view of the fields below, and it was a perfect solution to the over-crowded house the Brothers now occupy. (See photos below.)

The new year having begun, and gatherings over, the upstairs is now being addressed. Wallpaper is being removed, rooms painted and floors polished. When it is all finished, the Brothers hope to move some of the religious in temporarily, as they make plans for a more permanent solution to our monastic needs. A generous site plan engineer has offered to help us maximize the 77 acres, with a new Brothers’ house, shrines, agriculture, ball field and school expansion.

Everyone is excited with ideas galore, but we all know in the end it will be what Our Lady wants, because we do all for Jesus, through Mary. We know that she will somehow provide the finances, too!

Help build up this corner of God's vineyard by contributing to our Monastery Expasion Campaign on our site's donation page or our GoFundMe campaign. God will bless you for whatever you can give!