Monday, 16 March 2015 00:00

A Note of Thanks

stpatthanksImmaculate Heart of Mary School Staff and Students are grateful for the outpouring of support upon their withdrawing from the Boston Parade. For 25 years, IHM Marching Band and its iconic float, portraying Saint Patrick blessing the crowds, traversed the streets of South Boston annually. This year, the Parade was high-jacked by activists and politicians who wanted to promote—under the mantle of Saint Patrick—sins against nature and perverse laws condoning them.

Up until now, the Parade Committee upheld the Natural Law and Catholic teaching by banning any group displaying immoral sexual content. To show their displeasure, those politicians who support same sex marriage and homosexual activity boycotted the parade. After the lifting of the ban, they were falling over themselves rushing to partake in a proud demonstration of approval for the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Saint Patrick, who rooted out these very sins in Ireland, would never participate in such a travesty and Immaculate Heart of Mary School could never submit his image to a sacrilegious sham-celebration in his honor.

We extend a heartfelt thanks to all those who called to congratulate us from all across the country and from as far away as England. We never knew of such places as Stagecoach Nevada, until someone from there called to give us a word of encouragement.

We thank every one of you who sent us an enthusiastic letter or email. We are grateful to all who offered encouragement, whether it was by offering a prayer, “liking” our posts on Facebook, or sending “The Leaving of Boston” to friends and relatives.

Special thanks to the Catholic Action League for backing Immaculate Heart of Mary School 100% and the president, C. J. Doyle for his clear, forthright, and uncompromising defense of all things Catholic.

We are also deeply grateful to MassResistance and its founder, Brian Camenker, for his clear and thorough exposition of the controversy surrounding the parade and our involvement in it. Since 1995 he has been fighting the good fight against abortion and the homosexual agenda. We whole heartedly concur with C. J. Doyle: “Though not a member of the Catholic religion, Brian has shown more courage and clarity in defending the Natural Law teachings of the Catholic religion than the faculties of most Catholic universities in New England.”

May God bless you all through the intercession of the great Saint Patrick.