Tuesday, 01 July 2014 00:00

MSC Leaders: A Bright Future

leaders14 450The summer began at Montfort Retreat with our first 2014 youth apostolate, Morning Star Leadership Camp on June 22–28.

Seventy-two attendees (ages 15-18) from across the country, made up the spirited troop of campers for the week. Serious about their Faith and anxious to spread it to others, the joyfully Catholic espirit de corps of the group penetrated each event.

Each day began with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, thanks to our chaplain for the week, Father David Lewis of Saint Adelaide's in Peabody, MA. Father's sermons and spiritual guidance through the week was a great asset to the camp.

Themed days brought Leadership skills into each class and event. "Faith in Action", "Mission Day" etc. had participants defending their faith, acting out scenerios and sharing leadership stories. Even the crafts and music reflected the spirit as our young missionaries learned songs in various languages! The afternoons were spent at the waterfront of course, either swimming, kayaking or sailing. What a blessed and beautiful place Montfort is!

A leadership pep rally was held by Sister Katherine Maria each evening before Rosary and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. Guest speakers such as Father Roy, who spoke on True Devotion to Mary, and Colonel McManus, who guided the girls through some basic self defense were enjoyed by all. (Even some guest horses showed up for a day!)

The traditional campfire wrapped up each day with song and comraderie, before campers treked over to the Chapel to sing Compline with the Sisters. It was truly touching to hear so many young voices joining in the timeless "good night prayers" of the Church. The week ended with a spectacular Talent Night and candle light procession to the Chapel for Benediction.

May our Morning Star leaders always keep their spirit and strength in the Faith, our Catholic future depends on it!

Enjoy the gallery below (click to enlarge photos) …and stay tuned for video footage!