August 2018 Bulletin

My child, you do not have perfect confidence in me. At times you are slow to call on me when you are in need

aug18My child, you do not have perfect confidence in me. At times you are slow to call on me when you are in need, and at all times you seem unsure of my good will toward you. I want you to have all the confidence in me that any son should have in his mother, knowing as he does her tender love and her goodness. Come to me always and everywhere, in all your spiritual and temporal needs, in difficulties of soul and body, in the difficulties of your relatives and friends.

Is it a sign of any great confidence in me if you turn to me only from time to time, on my feast days, for example, as some Christians do? You should imitate the Church which asks nothing of God without appealing to my intercession. The Church has recourse to me as dispenser of the Lord's graces; let her conduct be the norm for yours, and, like her, have unfailing confidence in me, a confidence that is all-embracing, ardent, sweet, and affectionate.

Turn to God through Jesus, but turn to Jesus through His Mother. I am the surest way of reaching Jesus, of finding Him, and of receiving a warm welcome from Him.”    

~Imitation of Mary

 The Month of August is Dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1ST – The feast of the Dedication of the Roman basilica Saint Peter in Chains and also the feast of the Seven Holy Maccabee brothers whose relics lie in that basilica.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 2ND – Our Lady of the Angels. No one has ever better described the significance of this marian devotion than Saint Francis, when he said to Pope Honorius: "I need nothing more than your word. Our Lady is the parchment, Christ the notary, and the Angels our witnesses!”

FRIDAY, AUGUST 3RD – Saint Peter Julian Eymard. First Friday in August!

SATURDAY, AUGUST 4TH – Saint Dominic was taught the use of the Rosary by Our Lady herself. Armed with this weapon, he conquered sin and heresy and converted many. The daily recitation of the Rosary yields a powerful strength to the soul. Are you armed with this weapon? First Saturday.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 5TH – 11TH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST. Our Lady of the Snows. Devotion to Mary under the title of Our Lady of the Snows is one of the oldest devotions to Mary. It has direct ties to the legend about a marvelous snowfall in Rome in 352 A.D. Mary had indicated in a dream to a wealthy, childless Roman couple that she wanted a church built in her honor and the site for this church would be covered with snow. On a hot, sultry morning on August 5, Esquiline Hill was covered with snow. All Rome proclaimed the summer snows a miracle, and a church to honor Mary was built on the hill in 358 A.D. Restored and refurbished many times, this church, now the magnificent Basilica of Saint Mary Major, still stands today as the seat of devotion to Our Lady of the Snows in the Catholic Church. 

MONDAY, AUGUST 6TH – The Transfiguration of Our Lord. After the Transfiguration, Our Lord charged His disciples not to tell anyone about the vision until He rose from the dead. Imitate Our Lord today. Practice the hidden virtues rather than those that call attention. There is less danger of losing merit for the good you do. 

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8TH – Saint John Marie Vianney, the patron of priests, universally known as the “Cure of Ars” was the parish priest in a remote French hamlet, where his reputation as a confessor and director of souls made him known throughout the Christian world.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10TH – Saint Lawrence of Rome, one of the seven deacons under Pope Saint Sixtus II was martyred in the persecution of Emperor Valerian by being roasted on a grid iron.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 11TH – Saint Philomena, martyred at age 13, willingly traded her earthly life for heavenly salvation. She continues her work today by promoting the virtues of purity and sanctity for all to imitate and bringing the faithful closer to our Blessed Mother and Jesus Christ.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 12TH – 12TH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST. Saint Clare founded the Order of Poor Ladies (the Poor Clares) at San Damiano. Once when her convent was about to be attacked by soldiers, she displayed the Blessed Sacrament in a monstrance at the convent gates; the attackers left and the convent was saved. The image of her holding a monstrance became one of her emblems. Feastday of Sister Mary Clair, MICM.

MONDAY, AUGUST 13TH – Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary, commemorates the day on which Our Lady entered eternal life. Her death only lasted for forty-eight hours, and then her incorrupt body was reunited to her soul and she was assumed into Heaven.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 14TH – Saint Maximillian Kolbe – "My children, love the Immaculate! Love Her and She will make you happy! Love Her and trust in Her without limits.”

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 15TH – THE ASSUMPTION. After years of patiently waiting Our Lady was reunited with her Divine Son on this day. Who can describe that first embrace of Mother and Son in the glory of the Heavenly Jerusalem as Our Lord led His Blessed Mother to the throne He had prepared for her? HOLY DAY of OBLIGATION. Masses at 8:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. 

THURSDAY, AUGUST 16TH – Saint Joachim, Father of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Annual  3-Day Silent Retreat for MICM Religious will be made August 16–18.
Please respect the silence and restrict phone calls to emergencies. Thank you.


MONDAY, AUGUST 20TH – Saint Bernard. At age 22, fearing the ways of the world, Bernard, four of his brothers, and 25 friends joined he abbey of Citeaux; his father and another brother joined soon after. Bernard founded the monastery of Clairvaux which soon had over 700 monks.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 21ST – Our Lady of Knock was the mysteriously silent apparition of Our Lady, Saint Joseph, Saint John and the Lamb of God which took place at Knock, Ireland on this day in 1879. 

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22ND – The Immaculate Heart of Mary. Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary give to Jesus Christ all they can give Him in the most perfect manner: through Mary’s hands. Everything is consecrated to Him, even the right of disposing of interior goods and satisfactions gained by good works every day. Being a Slave of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is the greatest of all freedoms! 

FRIDAY, AUGUST 24TH – Saint Bartholomew preached in India and Greater Armenia, where he was flayed alive and beheaded.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 25TH – Saint Louis of France. Louis IX, popularly known as Saint Louis, was a just and righteous ruler, a patron of the sacred arts, a fierce warrior, and above all, a saint. He is the archetype of the Catholic monarchs of the Medieval era.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 26TH – 14TH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST. Our Lady of Czestochowa. According to tradition Saint Luke painted this image which is enshrined and venerated as the “Black Madonna” at the renowned Marian Shrine in Poland. Join us today for the annual potluck Immaculate Heart of Mary Picnic. Bring a plate of your favorite food and come enjoy the day. Begins after 9:15 a.m. Mass.

MONDAY, AUGUST 27TH – The Seven Joys of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Seven is a mystical number. Our Lady’s Sorrows are seven and Our Lady’s joys are also seven and are celebrated within the octave of the feast of her Immaculate Heart. The Seven Joys of Our Lady are: (1) The Annunciation; (2) the Visitation; (3) the Birth of Our Lord; (4) the Adoration of Jesus by the Magi; (5) the Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple; (6) the Resurrection of Our Lord; (7) the Assumption of Mary in body and in soul into Heaven.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 28TH – Saint Augustine overcame strong heresies, practiced great poverty, supported the poor, preached often and prayed with great fervor right up until his death. “Too late have I loved You!” he once cried to God, but with his holy life he certainly made up for the sins he committed before his conversion.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29TH – The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist. It is John the Baptist who has pointed the way to Christ. John’s life was one of complete detachment from earthly possessions. His heart was centered on God so he had the courage to speak words of condemnation or repentance, to prepare the way for the Saviour.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 30TH – Saint Rose of Lima was so devoted to her vow of chastity that she used pepper and lye to ruin her complexion so she would not be attractive. Rose lived and meditated in a garden, raising vegetables and making embroidered items to sell to support her family and help the poor of Lima. A Dominican tertiary, mystic, visonary and stigmatist, Rose suffered from various physical and mental ailments. She is honored as the first saint born in the Americas.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 31ST – Saint Raymond Nonnatus succeeded Peter Nolasco as chief ransomer and went to Algeria to ransom slaves. He remained as hostage for several slaves when his money ran out.

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