January 2020 Bulletin

jan20Jesus Christ does not expect so much from us; He is satisfied if we keep Him in our hearts by love, and if we often invoke Him with affection. And as whatever He did and said during His life, He did it all for us, so it is but just that whatever we do, we should do it in the name of Jesus Christ, and for His love, as St. Paul exhorts us: All whatsoever you do, in word or in work, all things do ye in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. And if Jesus has died for us, we ought to be ready willingly to give our lives for the name of Jesus Christ, as the same Apostle declared he was ready to do: For I am ready, not only to be bound, but to die also in Jerusalem, for the name of the Lord Jesus. 

If we are in affliction, let us invoke Jesus, and He will console us. If we are tempted, let us invoke Jesus, and He will give us strength to withstand all our enemies. If, lastly, we are in aridity, and are cold in Divine love, let us invoke Jesus, and He will inflame our hearts. Happy are they who have this most tender and holy name always on their lips! A name of peace, a name of hope, a name of salvation, and a name of love. And oh! Happy shall we be if we are fortunate enough to die pronouncing the name of Jesus! But if we desire to breathe out our last sigh with this sweet name on our tongue, we must accustom ourselves to repeat it often during our life.

~St. Alphonsus Ligouri

Special Events for the Month of January:

  • January 11 – The IHM Chorus cordially invites you to attend Lessons & Carols, An Hour of Devotion based on Matins for the Feast of the Holy Family. at St. John's Church, Clinton MA at 7:00 p.m. Donations will be accepted to benefit the First Concern Pregnancy Resource Center.
  • January 17 – Founding Day of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary - To Jesus through Mary.  Help pray for vocations – attend our High Mass at 8:30 a.m.
  • January 19 – Pancake Breakfast in St. Agnes Hall. Fundraiser for the bus trip to Washington, D.C. — March for Life. Serving after the 7:30 a.m. & 9:15 a.m. Masses. Tickets are $5 per person and $3 for preschoolers.
  • January 24 – Say a special prayer for those traveling to the March for Life in Washington, D.C. Support the marchers with your prayers and sacrifices!
  • January 27 – Today we begin our celebration for Traditional Catholic Education with a week of competitions and events in IHM School. Please consider making a donation toward our School Expansion Project this week! ImmaculateHeartSchool.org
  • January 31 – Saint John Bosco is a very special patron of our school and our work with the youth! May he ever guide and protect IHM School students & faculty!

The Month of January is Dedicated to the Holy Name of Jesus

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 1ST – CIRCUMCISION OF OUR LORD. This is the day on which Jesus first shed His Precious Blood. It was the purpose of Jesus to fulfill perfectly all the requirements of the Old Law until the New Law, established in its place. HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 3RD – Saint Genevieve. First Friday. 

SATURDAY, JANUARY 4TH – Saint Elizabeth  Ann Seton was raised Episcopalian but when her wealthy husband died, leaving her with 5 children, she converted to Catholicism. She established a Catholic girls’ school in Maryland, initiating the parochial school system in America. First Saturday.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 5TH – HOLY NAME OF JESUS. Paul tells us that “in the Name of Jesus, every knee shall bend in Heaven, on earth and under the earth.”  (Phil. 2:10) We are called to make reparation for misuse of the Holy Name and to witness to Its wonders. Jesus!

MONDAY, JANUARY 6TH – THE EPIPHANY or Manifestation, is the showing of the Christ Child to the Gentile Kings. Through this feast in the Church calendar, the Messias is letting us know that although He was born of the Jews, He was destined for the Gentiles.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 7TH – Return of the Holy Family from Egypt. A common pious practice among Catholics is to write “J.M.J.” at the top of letters and personal notes as a reference to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 11TH –  Saint Hyginus. Lessons & Carols Hour of Devotion event at 7 p.m. at St. John’s Church in Clinton MA.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 12TH – BAPTISM OF OUR LORD. Jesus descended into the river to sanctify its waters and to give them the power to beget sons of God. 

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15TH – Saint Paul the Hermit. Pray for the repose of the soul of Brother Joseph, MICM, today, the anniversary of his death. 

FRIDAY, JANUARY 17TH – Our Lady of Pontmain. Founding Day of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Pray for Vocations!

SATURDAY, JANUARY 18TH – Chair of Saint Peter in Rome reminds us that our unity is the unity of all Catholic bishops, as successors of the apostles, with the Bishop of Rome as their servant-leader. “Where Peter is,” the saying goes, “there is the Church.” 

SUNDAY, JANUARY 19TH – 2ND SUNDAY AFTER EPIPHANY. Saints Marius, Martha, Audifax and Abachum, a father, mother and two sons who were martyred for sympathizing with Christian martyrs and burying their bodies. Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser today!

MONDAY, JANUARY 20TH – Saint Sebastian, the captain of the praetorian guard was found to be a Christian and shot with arrows. A pious widow found  him still alive and nursed him back to health. He later denounced the emperor for his cruelty to Christians, and was beaten to death. Sebastian is the patron of athletes and soldiers.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 21ST – Saint Agnes cleaved to Christ, conversed with Him and lived in and for Christ, until the time came to die for Christ, and even then she saw only Christ and was occupied with Him, and not with her pains. Let us ask Saint Agnes to help us to simplify everything, into the one view of Christ. Feastday of Sister Agnes Mary, MICM.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 23RD – Espousals of Our Lady and Saint Joseph were arranged by the Providence of God so that the virginal Mother of the Eternal God might have a virginal husband who would care for and protect her and her Divine Child. 

SATURDAY, JANUARY 25TH – Conversion of Saint Paul. When Paul watched Stephen die a holy death, praying for his persecutors, it had to have an impact on him.  The seed that Stephen planted by his Christian forgiveness of his enemies helped in the conversion of Saint Paul. We never know when something we do or say might transform another or even bring a great saint and missionary to the Church like Saint Paul.


WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29TH – Saint Francis de Sales was Bishop of Geneva and a Doctor of the Universal Church. He was co-founder, with Saint Jane Frances de Chantal, of the Visitation nuns.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 31ST –  Saint John Bosco was the founder of the Salesians, a religious order under the protection of Saint Francis de Sales, whose apostolate was in rescuing and teaching boys from the streets of Italy. He was the spiritual father of Saint Dominic Savio, whose life he wrote. Today his thriving and spirited Order can be found all over the globe. Saint John Bosco is a special patron for Immaculate Heart of Mary School!

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