April 2018 Bulletin

"Jesus remains on the altar so that all may find Him.”


Jesus seems continually to exclaim from the altar: Come to me, all you who work hard and carry heavy burdens and I will refresh you (Mt. 11:28).  Come, He says, come you who are poor; come, you who are infirm; come, you who are afflicted; come you who are just and you who are sinners, and you shall find in me a remedy for all your losses and afflictions.  This is the desire of Jesus Christ: to console every person who calls upon Him.

Jesus remains day and night on our altars, that He may be found by all, and that He may grant favors to all.  The saints experienced in this world such pleasure in remaining in the presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.  For this reason days and nights appeared to them as moments. The Countess of Feria, having become a nun of the Order of Saint Clare, never tired of remaining in chapel in sight of the tabernacle.  One day she was asked what she was doing for so long before the Most Holy Sacrament.  She answered with surprise, "What do I do before the Blessed Sacrament?  What do I do?  I return thanks, I love, and I pray!"  Saint Philip Neri, while in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, exclaimed:  "Behold my love, behold all of my love."  If Jesus were for us, as He is for the saints, days and nights in His presence would appear to us as moments.

~Saint Alphonsus Liguouri

The Month of April is Dedicated to the Holy Eucharist

SUNDAY, APRIL 1ST – EASTER SUNDAY. Alleluia! On this day salvation is given to the world both visible and invisible. Christ is risen from the dead; arise ye with Him! Christ has resumed His Body; return to the state of happiness which you had forfeited. Christ has left the grave; break the bonds of your sins. The gates of Hell are broken down; death is vanquished; the old Adam is destroyed, and the new Adam formed; be ye made a new creature in Christ!” (–Saint Gregory Nazianzen)  Regular Sunday Mass times ~ 9:15 Sung Mass.

MONDAY, APRIL 2ND – Saint Francis of Paola is the patron of fishermen and sailors because of a story of a miracle on the ocean. In 1464 Francis wanted to cross the Straits of Messina en route to Sicily. He asked a boatman to take him and his companions but was refused. Francis laid his cloak on the water, tied one end to his staff to make a sail, and sailed safely across the straits.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4TH – Saint Isidore the Farmer was a Spanish farmworker known for his piety toward the poor and animals. He is the Catholic patron saint of farmers and of Madrid, and of La Ceiba, Honduras.

THURSDAY, APRIL 5TH – Saint Vincent Ferrer is the patron saint of builders because of his fame for "building up" and strengthening the Church: through his preaching, missionary work, in his teachings, as confessor and adviser.

FRIDAY, APRIL 6TH – Saint Juliana Cornillon was a prioress of the Order of Saint Augustine. She was responsible for the institution of the feast of Corpus Christi. The feast was set up for the Universal Church in 1264, but Blessed Juliana was responsible for its being first commemorated in 1247. First Friday.

SATURDAY, APRIL 7TH – Saint Herman Joseph was a great devotee of Our Lady and one of the most popular of medieval contemplatives. From his early childhood he sought out the altar of the Holy Virgin to converse with her. His simplicity was charming. First Saturday.

SUNDAY, APRIL 8TH – MERCY SUNDAY. Our Lord’s Mercy grants forgiveness of all sins and punishment on the Feast of Divine Mercy, even for the most hardened sinners! The plenary indulgence is granted to those who observe the feast by: 1. Celebrating the feast on the Sunday after Easter; 2. Sincerely repenting of all our sins; 3. Placing our complete trust in Jesus; 4. Going to Confession, preferably before that Sunday; 5. Receiving Holy Communion on the feast; 6. Venerating the image of Divine Mercy; 7. Being merciful to others, through our actions, words, and prayers on their behalf. 

MONDAY, APRIL 9TH – THE ANNUNCIATION (transferred). Today the Church recalls the greatest event in history, the Incarnation of Our Lord. How shall we ever be able to thank Our Lady for pronouncing the single word Fiat (Be it done), the answer she sent back to Heaven that she would be the Mother of the Savior? Sung Mass of the Annunciation at 8:30 a.m.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11TH – Saint Leo the Great went out to meet Attila the Hun, who was about to attack and destroy Rome. The Pope threatened Attila with the power which was his from Saint Peter, if he did not turn back and leave Italy unmolested. At the same moment, above the Pope’s head appeared the figure of Saint Peter holding in his hand a drawn sword with which he made as if to kill Attila unless he consented to do as Leo asked. The Hun, the “Scourge of God”, turned back and Leo, absorbed in thanksgiving, returned to his See.

SUNDAY, APRIL 15TH – 2ND SUNDAY AFTER EASTER. Saints Basilissa and Anastasia.

MONDAY, APRIL 16TH – Saint Benedict Joseph Labre walked from one shrine to another traveling through Italy, France, Switzerland and Spain. Saint Benedict Joseph lived on whatever people would give him, and readily shared what little pittance he had. He observed silence, praying constantly. He was mocked, abused, and treated like a madman.

TUESDAY, APRIL 17TH – Saint Stephen Harding drew up the famous "Charter of Charity," which became the basis for Cistercian monasticism. However, very few men were joining, it seemed as if the new order was destined to die out. However, in 1112  Bernard of Clairvaux, joined the community along with 30 other companions, including almost his entire family. Before his death in 1134, Stephen had established 13 monasteries. 

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18TH – Saint Apollonius, a Roman senator, was denounced as a Christian by one of his slaves. The Praetorian Prefect arrested him, and put the slave to death as an informer. When Apollonius refused to denounce the faith the case was remanded to the Roman Senate. There a debate took place that clearly outlines the beauty and the value of Christianity. His defense of the Faith is one of the most priceless documents of the early Church.

FRIDAY, APRIL 20TH – Saint Agnes of Montepulciano was known for her visions. She once held the Infant Jesus in her arms!

SATURDAY, APRIL 21ST – Saint Anselm was one of the great philosophers and theologians of the middle ages, and a noted theological writer. He was far more at home in the monastery than in political circles, but managed to improve the position of the Church in England.


MONDAY, APRIL 23RD – Saint George. The Golden Legend tells of a dragon that lived in a lake near Silena, Libya. Whole armies had gone up against this fierce creature, and had gone down in painful defeat. The monster ate two sheep each day; when mutton was scarce, lots were drawn in local villages, and maidens were substituted for sheep. Hearing the story on a day when a princess was to be eaten, George crossed himself, rode to battle against the serpent, and killed it with a single blow with his lance. George then gave a magnificent sermon, and converted the whole town. 

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25TH – Saint Mark, the Evangelist, wrote the second Gospel. He was requested by the Romans to set down the teachings of Saint Peter, therefore the Gospel is a record of the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of the Prince of the Apostles.

THURSDAY, APRIL 26TH – Our Lady of Good Counsel. We pray to Our Lady of Good Counsel for advice as to what we should do in important issues. Put your life, vocation and your future needs entirely in her hands!

SATURDAY, APRIL 28TH – Saint Louis Marie de Montfort was one of the greatest apostles of devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the whole of Catholic history. His masterpiece, True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, is the source of the charism of the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary… living a life of giving all to Jesus – through Mary. Brother Martin MacKenzie will make his Profession of First Vows during 10 o’clock Mass this morning. All welcome for cake in celebration. The formal afternoon reception is by invitation only. God bless you, Brother Martin! Perseverance!


MONDAY, APRIL 30TH –  Saint Catherine of Siena was favored with many visions of Christ throughout her life and even received the stigmata.

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Thank You

Special thanks to all who made donations for the many beautiful Easter flowers for Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel here at Saint Benedict Center! The chapel was so glorious this Easter season! May God bless and reward you all!


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