Living True Devotion

truedev15The title, the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, taken from the writings of Saint Louis Marie de Montfort, is both bold and beautiful. It captures the complete consecration of both Brothers and Sisters in the only religious community that has dared to use this title and to glory in its lowliness.  "To serve thee (Mary) is liberty!"

Saint Louis Marie de Montfort explains this holy consecration in his writing: "There is an entire difference between a servant and a slave. A servant does not give all he is, all he has and all he can acquire, but the slave gives himself whole and entire to his master without exception.

The servant demands wages for the services which he performs for his master; but the slave can demand nothing.

The servant can leave his master when he pleases…but the slave has no right to quit his master at will.

The master of the servant has no right of life and death over him…but the master of the slave has by law a right of life and death.

Lastly, the servant is only for a time in his master's service; the slave always.

There is nothing among men, which makes us belong to another more than slavery. There is nothing among Christians which makes us more absolutely belong to Jesus Christ and His holy Mother than the slavery of the will, according to the example of Jesus Christ Himself, Who took on Himself the form of a slave for love of us (Phil. 2:7); and also according to the example of the Holy Virgin, who called herself the servant of the Lord. (Lk. 1:38).

We may therefore, following the sentiments of the saints and of the great men, call ourselves and make ourselves the loving slaves of the most holy Virgin, in order to be, by that very means, the more perfectly the slave of Jesus Christ."

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