Monday, 29 September 2014 00:00

MacIsaac Hall Update

macisaac sept14 400MacIsaac Hall is one of the most impressive buildings on the monastery grounds of Saint Benedict Center.

    Almost unbelievably built  by the Brothers, sometimes only three on the site, working day after day. As you can tell by the photos below, it’s been a labor of love and generosity from donors, too. The roof was donated by one person, the wiring and lights by another and the flooring, yet to come, by another. Every penny sent has paid for some part of the building and the walkway lined with bricks testifies to our generous supporters. But our “prophesied” deadline has not been met and we are begging for help.

    Although the facility is looking fantastic, there is still a lot to do before completion! We need to insulate the outer walls, hang sheetrock, and paint the inside of the gym. The stage is being framed and the flooring needs to be finished. Landscaping is also imperative.

    We are looking for skilled workers who can help us finish and/or donors who can help with materials. If you have a company that can donate time to help us in anyway please contact Brother Thomas. We will remember your generosity in our prayers and a commemorative brick for a lasting testimonial to your contribution.

• Donations may be made online, through the mail or by phone.

• Make your donation here online, safe, secure & fast!

• Print our flyer (icon MacIsaac Hall Promotional) and mail it in with your donation!

• All donations of labor and building materials are very welcome!

• Gift cards are also useful and welcome!

Feel free to contact us if you would like further information. God will bless you for whatever you can help with!