Morning Star Summer Camp

msckey15Most modern teenagers, like victims of an evil spell, live in an artificial world focused on themselves and their mechanical devices. Instead of owning cell phones, iPods and computers, they are owned by them and controlled by them. Like vampires, this technology is draining the spiritual blood and youth from their victims. Trapped in the “network,” beautiful days go unnoticed and breathtaking experiences pass them by. Mental atrophy sets in and all motivation soon is extinquished for the plastic adventures of the “web.”

Breaking these bonds and setting yourself free is what Morning Star Camp is all about. This unique program has been created to keep your values in perspective, the most important being your soul. Morning Star is a name given to Mary, the Mother of Jesus. The rays of her light shine bright in a dark world, giving hope to all who follow her. Like the star that lead the Magi on the first Christmas, Morning Star leads to the same goal, Jesus.

At Morning Star Catholic girls learn to love and appreciate their Faith and develop the strength to live it in a pagan world. Surrounded by a beauty only God could create, the camp now resides at Montfort Retreat, this 200-acre facility was built specifically for the camp apostolate. The camp begins each day with prayer and the Tridentine Liturgy, celebrated in a beautiful, hand-hewn log chapel. Catechism is taught, deepening campers appreciation of the Faith, along with other memorable activities such as arts and crafts, archery, swimming canoeing and sailing.

Girls learn the value of charity as they share such events as competitions, hiking, singing and dancing and sharing cabins with girls from across the country. Morning Star Camp has been creating memories for 29 summers and thousands of girls.

So….Turn off your TV, unplug your iPod. Open your eyes…... Get a life beyond yourself….Look up and see the clouds, listen to the birds, smell the roses…and, above all, get to know your Faith. You will find in it a treasure beyond your expectations and a powerful tool to help you through life. Morning Star Camp is not just a camp, it is the beginning of the rest of your life.

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