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Morning Star Leadership

 leader15introMorning Star Leadership Camp is only open to Catholic girls serious about developing leadership qualities. This program is designed to train campers to be strong Catholics in whatever venue God calls them, thereby spreading the reign of Christ in society. It is for the few and the true.

This Camp is not about conversion – it is about fine tuning some skills that will enable you to make a difference in the world you live in. Attendees are not taught catechism but rather they are taught how to teach religion to others. This Camp is about effectively spreading the Faith not learning it. During this program campers will have various classes on subjects like singing, drama, public speaking, leading groups in prayer, cooking, first aid, water safety and many others. Every day begins and ends in prayer and is centered around the rich spirituality of the Tridentine Mass. Guest speakers will bring to light a variety of topics, giving the campers some deep thoughts for reflection.

Of course the entire program will be held at the beautiful, 200-acre facility of Montfort Retreat. On the shores of a gorgeous lake canoeing, sailing, hiking and archery are major events of this week.

Eligible girls must be 15 to 18, and have attended religion classes previous to application. Our goal is to create a solution to today’s negative influence in teenage society by developing strong convictions in girls to remain chaste, and live in the presence of Jesus. This revolutionary concept reverses what the world says is important, exposing its worthlessness and elevating the spiritual side of life in a love of Jesus through Mary as set forth in the writings of St. Louis de Montfort.

If you are serious about your Faith… this is the Camp for you! Come learn…and LEAD.

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