Epiphany Prayer

Written by  St. Alphonsus

 O amiable Infant! Though I see Thee in this cavern lying on straw poor and despised, yet faith teaches me that Thou art my God, who earnest down from heaven for my salvation.


I acknowledge Thee, then, for my sovereign Lord and Saviour; but I have nothing, alas, to offer Thee.

I have no gold of love, because I have loved creatures; I have loved my own caprices, but I have not loved Thee, O amiable infinite One!

I have not the incense of prayer, because I have lived in a miserable state of forgetfulness of Thee.

I have no myrrh of mortification, for I have often displeased Thy infinite goodness that I might not be deprived of my miserable pleasures.

What then shall I offer Thee? I offer Thee my heart, filthy and poor as it is; do Thou accept it, and change it. Thou camest into the world for this purpose, to wash the hearts of men from their sins by Thy blood, and thus change them from sinners into saints.

Give me, therefore, I pray Thee, this gold, this incense, and this myrrh. Give me the gold of Thy holy love; give me the spirit of holy prayer, give me the desire and strength to mortify myself in everything that displeases Thee.

I am resolved to obey Thee and to love Thee; but Thou knowest my weakness, oh, give me the grace to be faithful to Thee!

Most holy Virgin, thou who didst welcome with such affection and didst console the holy Magi, do thou welcome and console me also, who come to visit thy Son and to offer myself to him. O my Mother, I have great confidence in thy intercession! Do thou recommend me to Jesus. To thee do I intrust my soul and my will; bind it forever to the love of Jesus!

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 Sisters Daily Horarium
Monastic Schedule:

5:30 a.m. – Rise (Silence)

6:00 a.m.Meditation

7:00 a.m.Breakfast
(Silence ends after Reading)

8:00 a.m.Rosary (Latin)

8:30 a.m.Latin Mass

9:30 a.m. Assigned Tasks

12:00 p.m.Angelus / Lunch

1:00 p.m.Assigned Tasks

3:00 p.m.Divine Mercy

3:15 p.m.Recreation

4:15 p.m.Assigned Tasks

5:00 p.m.Benediction & Community Rosary

5:45 p.m.Dinner

7:00 p.m.Rosary (Private)
Visit to Blessed Sacrament

8:00 p.m.Lectio Divina

8:30 p.m.Recreation

9:15 p.m.Compline
(Grand Silence begins)

10:30 p.m.Final Bell

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