Mancipia Press

Mancipia Press, operated by the Brothers, is the printing press where our publications are printed here at Saint Benedict Center. The Press is called Mancipia (the latin word for Slave) in hopes that all the publications it produces will be used by Our Lady as a tools to bring souls to Jesus through her. After all, we are only the instruments!

Although From the Housetops magazine is our main printing apostolate, the Press also where all the other monastery pulications come from, whether it be the Traditional Calendar of Saints, the pocket-size Lenten Calendar, our newsletter, or a variety of books, pamphlets and cards.

All our publications begin at the Convent offices where the Sisters design and layout the projects; they are then taken down the hill to the printshop where it is printed at 10,000 sheets per hour; it is then assembled, bound, stuffed into envelopes, labeled and sent to you! Its 100% Monastery-made…and it is big production!

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