Our 2022 Lent Calendar is now available in bulk! This pocket-size publication will help you make a profitable forty-day period of prayer, penance, and spiritual exercises in preparation for Easter. Our fasting discipline has undergone numerous radical changes over the years. Today, unfortunately, the observance of Lent is but mere formalism, reduced to abstinence on certain days and without any stress on one’s spiritual growth or the mending of one’s lifestyle. We must return to the pristine spirit of the Great Fast which is so badly needed in our materialistic world.

  • This handy pocket-size trifold calendar (folded size 4×6 in; open size 12×6 in.)
  • Features a 40-day calendar according to the Traditional Calendar, which notes, feasts and devotions
  • Noted Fast and Ember Days.
  • Includes reminders and spiritual and corporal practices to help you make a fruitful Lent.

This handy publication can be used to mark your progress throughout the forty days of Lent.

Now available in bulk! Perfect for Families, Parishes, and Youth Groups! Get one for each of your friends!


Lenten Calendar front
Trifold Lent Calendar Open

10 Calendars – $8
25 Calendars – $15
50 Calenars – $25
100 Calendars – $40

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