Even in these troubling times, when many Catholic schools are closing their doors, Immaculate Heart of Mary School—here in Still River, MA—is expanding. It is a sign that Our Blessed Mother loves her children and wants her children to be educated and formed in the traditional teachings of the Catholic Faith.

Construction progress is going well, although the days are getting colder and rain comes more often. Nevertheless the Brothers—who are now doing the general construction themselves—have great hopes to have the roof framed before Christmas.

Although this project began with little funds it is being done responsibly. In most construction, labor costs far outdo the cost of building materials. On this project, however, much of the labor is done by the Brothers, thereby making it possible for us to pay for materials as we go. As you will see in the video IHM alumnus, Luke Austin, made time to get his General Contractor’s license so he could save us that fee which often adds up to 25% of a construction project’s cost. We are especially grateful to him and all others who are helping.

We want to avoid an unwieldly debt so as not to hamper our other apostolates. Therefore, we are appealing to your generosity once more. On Giving Tuesday 2019, we were just getting started and were able to raise $65,000 during this global on-line giving event. After looking over the statistics of how many gave and the range of donations—from $50 to $5,000—we calculate that if we can gain just 75 new donors we will be able to reach this year’s goal of $80,000 and put the roof on.

Please consider making a one-time donation or monthly donation.Whatever you can afford will be greatly appreciated by the Brothers and Sisters and future students also.

There is one more thing that you can do to help: Please spread this message to friends and relatives. God bless you.

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